Geneva Literary Aid Society

Catalpa by Donal O’Kelly (07.10.2008)

Catalpa is a story in the great epic tradition of Moby Dick and Gone With The Wind with a passing glance at the Great Escape. From New Bedford, USA to Freemantle, Australia, across the high seas on the whaling ship Catalpa. Based on the true story of the daring rescue of six Irish prisoners in 1875, it culminates in the first ever-ticker tape parade in New York City. It has played all over the world to enthusiastic audiences and rave reviews. It features the playwright and well know film and stage actor, Donal O’Kelly, in the lead role, and live music is provided by Trevor Knight.

“Brilliant writing, bravura performance” – THE SUNDAY TIMES
“A soaring, theatrical Catalpa….a rip-roaring one-man adventure” – WASHINGTON POST
“A marathon of dazzling theatrical storytelling” – THE TIMES
“A masterpiece…searingly satirical, comic, tragic, profoundly sensitive.” – THE SCOTSMAN
“Marvellous feat…wonderfully varied and passionate.” – HERALD SUN MELBOURNE
“Exuberant, exhilarating, magical…it’s a triumph, a joy, a delight.” – THE IRISH TIMES
“Catalpa’s magic.” – CRITICS’ CHOICE, TIME OUT, LONDON