Geneva Literary Aid Society

Tale of the Gael and Micky Dunne (15.11.2013)

GLAS is particularly pleased to be bringing to Geneva an ensemble of musicians featuring the legendary piper Mickey Dunne, the last of several generations of the Dunne family who have toured Ireland for over a century bringing the beautiful soulful sound of the uileann pipes into every corner of the land.

He is held in such high regard in his profession that he runs the world-famous Pipers’ Gathering in County Clare every year.  He is also considered the Stradivarius of the uileann pipes which he makes in his native Limerick; it’s a complex instrument made of nickel-plated brass, leather, horse bone or ivory, and ebony wood. Each one takes months to make  and they sell for a small fortune.

Mickey will be joining Tale of the Gael, an ensemble of musicians which took the prestigious International Yeats Summer School by storm this year. They’ve toured the world, played Carnegie Hall and finally, they’re arriving in Geneva.

It features Robert Tobin, an award winning flautist; Dave Aebli, a Swiss virtuoso of Irish music on bouzouki and double bass; Judith Lowry, a singer and graduate of the Edinburgh School of Music; Catherine Rhatigan, a veteran of the Belfast Harp Orchestra who has toured with the Chieftains. They will feature great tunes from the Irish tradition, some great poetry from WB Yeats.  You’re guaranteed a memorable start to your weekend.