Geneva Literary Aid Society

Ha Ha Yum by Maeve Higgins (11.10.2006)

In HA HA YUM, Maeve tells the jokes while her sister Lilly makes cakes. Maeve Higgins has six sisters, one of whom has a heart murmur and is called Lilly. Both girls long for the simple pleasures of the 1950’s, like baking and pretending to be happy.

In HA HA YUM, they tell jokes as well as make and share cakes with their lovely audience of humans and will more than likely happen upon real happiness through doing just that, mmm!

Known to the country as the very talented comic actress who beguiled many a Joe and Josephine Public in RTÉ’s hit comedy show, Naked Camera, Maeve Higgins is a stand up lady gifted with a very dry and surreal sense of humour.

One of the rising stars of Irish comedy, Higgins has performed at festivals in faraway Adelaide and closer to home in Killkenny, and can be heard regularly on the Ray Darcy Show on Today FM discussing crucial issues while slyly cracking up everyone in the studio.